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The McNuttCast: Episode Three – Coachella Preview

April 3, 2009

mcnuttcastcoachellaIt’s the Indie Rock mecca to which Ryan has always desired to plan a pilgrimage, and 2009 is the year it happens. With headliners like Paul McCartney and The Killers, subheadliners like Franz Ferdinand and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more variety than festival virgin Myles could possibly imagine, the Coachella music festival [Full act list at the link] is the foundation of the McNuttCast’s trek to California starting next week. So as we won’t be around for the next couple of weeks as we are off on the other side of the continent, we figured we’d spend a bit of time delving into Coachella a few weeks in advance.

Discussion includes which acts Ryan is most excited about, which performer Ryan thinks could really surprise the crowd, which act Ryan feels should have been a headliner, and which acts Myles is actually hip enough to recognize. If you know little or nothing about these bands, you’ll relate to Myles’ ignorance, and get a chance to hear some clips from all sorts of bands taking the stages outside of Indio, California in two weeks. If you’re like Ryan, and really know these bands, there’s some discussion about whether a festival setting is an ideal setting to experience music, especially for the first time, and a glimpse into some of the unsung bands on the lineup.

Regardless, there’s plenty for any music fan, or curious non-listener, to enjoy. This is also likely to be our new structure, having a more free-form discussion every other week, with a more structured, news-driven broadcast in the alternate weeks. It fits the best for us, but as always we would love to hear your thoughts on the show – leave us a comment below!

The McNuttCast: Episode Three – Coachella Preview

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Below the break, a contents list and a song listing.

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The McNuttCast: Episode 2 – The Juno Awards

March 29, 2009

In this week’s first “normal” edition of The McNuttCast, Myles and Ryan discuss the greatness of the Where the Wild Things Are trailer, investigate Nintendo’s dominance of the video games industry, and in a feature discussion try to keep the Juno Awards from ruining Canada’s reputation for taste and talent in the eyes of the rest of the world. Myles also details the potential fate of numerous potentially canceled shows at NBC, while Ryan reviews Three, the latest record from Halifax troubadour Joel Plaskett.

The McNuttCast: Episode Two – The Juno Awards

Download the MP3 [41m10s – 19mb]

Show Notes below the fold.

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The McNuttCast: Episode 1 – Battlestar Galactica

March 29, 2009

In this special inaguaral edition of the McNuttCast, Myles and Ryan discuss the legacy of Battlestar Galactica on the eve of its series finale – discussions include favourite episodes, most successful character arcs, and our thoughts on Season Four thus far. We also investigate the moment where each of us first realized how great the show was, and share our expectations for the finale.

Download Episode 1 of The McNuttCast or listen below.

Show notes below the fold:

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