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The McNuttCast: Episode 2 – The Juno Awards

March 29, 2009

In this week’s first “normal” edition of The McNuttCast, Myles and Ryan discuss the greatness of the Where the Wild Things Are trailer, investigate Nintendo’s dominance of the video games industry, and in a feature discussion try to keep the Juno Awards from ruining Canada’s reputation for taste and talent in the eyes of the rest of the world. Myles also details the potential fate of numerous potentially canceled shows at NBC, while Ryan reviews Three, the latest record from Halifax troubadour Joel Plaskett.

The McNuttCast: Episode Two – The Juno Awards

Download the MP3 [41m10s – 19mb]

Show Notes below the fold.




(00:47) – Jimmy Chamberlain leaves the Smashing Pumpkins []

(03:07) – Neil Young Archives Collection gets Release Schedule []

(05:46) – Review: Joel Plaskett’s “Three” [iTunes]


(08:54) – NBC Bubble Shows: Friday Night Lights [Huffington Post], Chuck

(11:46) – Parks and Recreation Test Screening Controversy [Nikki Finke]

(13:59) – BSG Finale [SPOILER WARNING] [My Life’s Work]

(16:11) – Dollhouse “Man on the Street” [My Review]


(17:24) – Wii @ GDC: Storage Solution [], New Zelda for DS []

(19:49) – February NPD [Game Sales] Results [GamaSutra]

(22:37) – Impressions: Legends of Wrestlemania [IGN Review]


(24:49) – Where the Wild Things Are Trailer [YouTube]

(27:01) – Let the Right One In Subtitles Controversy [/Film]

(29:15) – Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo on a Cliff gets North American release [/Film]

Feature Discussion

(31:05) – The Juno Awards [Nominees]

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