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About The McNuttCast

The McNuttCast is a Pop Culture Podcast, covering film, television, video games and music, from brothers, and bloggers, Ryan McNutt (of McNutt Against the Music) and Myles McNutt (of Cultural Learnings).

About Ryan McNutt

Ryan McNutt is a lifelong pop culture junkie currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In his day job, he oversees new media and contributes to a wide variety of publications as part of the Communications and Marketing team at Dalhousie University.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (History and English) from Acadia University, an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations from NSCC and a membership card in the cult of the Arcade Fire.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter, or at McNutt Against the Music.

About Myles McNutt

Myles McNutt is a graduate student from Nova Scotia, Canada, currently completing a Masters in English degree at Acadia University. He recently completed his undergraduate honours thesis on the genesis of medieval romance within the 2004 re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica, and is pursuing Masters research in the area of Canadian Nationalism within small town literature including sitcoms Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie.

Myles is also a regular guest on the /Filmcast, the official podcast of /, discussing topics including the debut of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, the trends of the Fall 2008 TV season, and selling new viewers on shows such as Mad Men. He has also contributed to two lengthy, spoiler-filled special editions of the /Filmcast on The Wire and Battlestar Galactica’s Series Finale.

You can contact Myles via his Twitter feed, or by visiting Cultural Learnings.

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